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Saving the Cotton Top Tamarins, LIVE from Colombia

Nat Geo Award Winning Conservationist, Rosamira Guillen, embarked on a mission 15 years ago to spread awareness and create conservation efforts for these uniquely beautiful primates, Cotton Top Tamarins, that are located only in one region of Northern Colombia. In this session, discover how uniquely similar the Cotton Top Tamarins behaviors are to humans, while learning how they are equally so different; for example, their poop is solely responsible for the rich biodiversity in the Northwestern section of Colombia.  This inspiring session introduces the intertwined role that the environment, the community, and the culture embrace, in one small corner of the globe. Leave inspired to learn more, and consider conservation in your own community. Check out this activity guide, created by a team of people, including our presenter. Learn about this unique primate species at Proyecto Titi.  Discover more about the Cotton Top Tamarins on Animalia. Learn to do the Cotton Top Tamarin Dance. Check out Cotton Top Tamarin Vocalizations

Igniting the Inner Storyteller with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle C. Olson

Do you enjoy telling stories, making YouTube or TikTok videos? Are you curious about the world around you? Do you love to make people laugh or become intrigued? This FABULOUS session with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle Olson, is beyond inspirational. It truly is a must see. Check out more about Kyle Olson. Learn more about filmmaking for kids. Visit the New York Film Academy Intro Basics for Filmmaking. Want to do what Kyle did and connect with famous people? Here is the Addresses of Famous People List. Film Freeway, where you can find film contests and festivals to submit your film, is really cool for aspiring filmmakers. As a fun introduction to film, check out this Stop Motion Animation Project (a beginning filmmaking project made by MC Global Librarian).

Teachers/Parents: AK Public Media and Indie AK films (as mentioned in this session) are great ways to make the storytelling unit local and connected; MC created this slide-deck resource to use AK Public Media-Indie Alaska Films) Want to take your students on a storytelling journey? Here is a link to the Front side template I created after doing the Indie AK Films Exploration, and here is the Back side of the template.

Morro Bay Southern Sea Otters

Grab your pencil and paper and be prepared for an incredible learning and discovery experience as we travel to California's Morro Bay State Park, with California PORTS, to visit the Southern Sea Otters. With fascinating adaptations, these incredible marine mammals are sure to delight and inspire us all. With only 3,000 Southern Sea Otters left in the wild, it is a delight to share in the scientific observations of this unique marine weasel. Learn more about all sea otters here. Find out more about the Morro Bay Sea Otters. California PORTS is one of MC the Global Librarian's favorite Virtual Field Trip programs. If you are a teacher and interested in taking your class to learn live and, interactively, go to California State Parks.

Calling All STEM Interested Kids

Two Award Winning STEM Challenges for Students

Invent It Challenge

Cricket is excited to announce the 10th annyal Spark!Lab Dr InBae & Mrs. Kyung Joo Yoon Invent It Challenge! This is an exciting opportunity for kids from ages 5 to 18+ to practice the invention process, create something that makes a difference in the world, and win amazing prizes!

Stay tuned, and welcome!

Visit the Challenge website to discover this year's "game-changing" topic, and be sure to spread the word to teachers, students, homeschooling familes, or anyone else who might be interested in a fun, hands-on STEM experience.

Learn more about Invent It here.

Check out the Promo Video here.

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM) is a crazy contraption which accomplishes a simple task in the most complicated and funniest way possible! Based on the “invention” cartoons of the famous, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist, Rube Goldberg. His drawings and imagined machines are at the heart of the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. They use everyday items (mostly junk!), they tell a story, and most important of all — they make you laugh!

What is a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest?

A Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) is an event where students of all ages compete with machines that they have imagined, designed and created in a fun and competitive forum. Our STEM centric competitions encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box problem solving, in a fresh learning environment that levels the playing field. To win, all you need is a great Imagination and a pile of junk!

What is this year’s task?


Learn more about Rube Goldberg here.

Check out the Promo Video here.

Global Connect

Book Club for Kids is the award-winning podcast where kids talk about books. The New York Times says the "virtual gathering space for young readers feels more vital than ever in the social distancing era."

Have a student in grades 4-8 that is interested sharing the love of a specific book? They, too, can be a part of the Book Club for Kids podcast! Simply send an email to kitty@bookclubforkids.org with the following information:

Hi, my name is - (first name only)

I'm from - (what city and state)

And my library is - (what's the name of your library (could be your school name))

My favorite book is - (what's the title of your book and author)

Because - (not the plot, but why YOU like this book and why you'd recommend it to someone else)

Email the audio files to us at kitty@bookclubforkids.org.

OR: Your child can just call them at 323-639-3560 and follow the script.

Sign up with Flipgrid

Young people around the world need to connect and feel connected with each other now more than ever. Come join us! Interested in connecting over Flipgrid or having young people reach out to each other? Send us a message here requesting the password


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