Project Global Peace

Project Global Peace, as a means to develop global citizens, is underway here at Tudor Elementary. We invite you to join our movement as we share our story.

Exploring the social emotional concept of empathy had students reflect on their definition of peace: peace for themselves, for their communities, the environment, and a global nation.

As students learn about the world, the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals, global challenges and opportunities, and how perspective can be different but honored, many Tudor students ponder how peace may be different to each other, to people in other parts of the state, the nation, and the world.

Tudor students want to share what peace means to them personally, what peace means in Alaska, and the link between peace and global citizenship.

The desire to experience a peaceful world leads Tudor Elementary Students in Anchorage, Alaska on a mission. By creating a video, embarking on projects, and sharing their vision of peace through the creation of a book, students are setting out to reach 100 schools across the world and explore the diverse perspectives on peace.

By embarking on this mission, students are hoping to spread the awareness of peace across the world while challenging themselves to take action to bring peace locally, in their school and their community.

Students encourage YOU to become involved, whether you are a teacher and class, community member, global leader, or interested citizen in the development of youth leaders. Your Involvement can take the form of letters, videos, art, networking, or anything that supports or spreads peace and global education.

Watch awareness of peace video