Who We Are

We are a school of K-6 students in Anchorage, Alaska, who, with the guidance of our librarian, are embarking on a project to promote global peace and learn about the world. We want to be a part of the change and are working hard at promoting peace within our school, community, and the world.

Michelle Carton is a 2016-17 IREX: TGC Sponsored Global Education Ambassador and librarian at Tudor Elementary School in the Anchorage School District. As a recipient of the 2014 BP Teachers of Excellence, Ms. Carton has been known for innovative curriculum and making splashes in her various teaching environments. Having taught in rural Alaska (St. Paul Island School), alternative HS environment (Benny Benson Secondary), project based charter school (Highland Tech), and now as elementary librarian, her passion has always been to make education relevant and empowering for students, while building a lifelong love for learning and exploring.

Together Ms. Carton and students are embarking on the mission to connect to the world in a way to spread peace and become global citizens. We are excited to see where the journey takes us!

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