All About Space Exploration and Mars Rover Perseverance

Learn about exploring the planets. It is fascinating to live in a time where what is happening in space can be shared in real time in the classroom. February 18, 2021 marks an incredible time in history as the fifth Mars Rover in history, Perseverance, lands on Mars. Learn more about the planets, what is happening in space, and especially this mission from Planetary Scientist and Planetary author, Philip Stooke. Watch Perseverance Rover Landing Live on Feb. 18, 2021 @ 10:15 a.m. AKST on the Mars 2020 website. Check out "The 7 Minutes to Mars" video to learn about how and why this is most dangerous landing yet.Take a look at the Perseverance Rover Landing Site Map (interactive) and other NASA Mars videos. Go more in-depth about all things space, check out Unmanned Space Flight. To learn more about Philip Stooke, check out The Planetary Society.

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