Igniting the Inner Storyteller with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle C. Olson

Do you enjoy telling stories, making YouTube or TikTok videos? Are you curious about the world around you? Do you love to make people laugh or become intrigued? This FABULOUS session with Emmy Award-winning director, Kyle Olson, is beyond inspirational. It truly is a must see. Check out more about Kyle Olson. Learn more about filmmaking for kids. Visit the New York Film Academy Intro Basics for Filmmaking. Want to do what Kyle did and connect with famous people? Here is the Addresses of Famous People List. Film Freeway, where you can find film contests and festivals to submit your film, is really cool for aspiring filmmakers. As a fun introduction to film, check out this Stop Motion Animation Project (a beginning filmmaking project made by MC Global Librarian).

Teachers/Parents: AK Public Media and Indie AK films (as mentioned in this session) are great ways to make the storytelling unit local and connected; MC created this slide-deck resource to use AK Public Media-Indie Alaska Films) Want to take your students on a storytelling journey? Here is a link to the Front side template I created after doing the Indie AK Films Exploration, and here is the Back side of the template.

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