Saving the Cotton Top Tamarins, LIVE from Colombia

Nat Geo Award Winning Conservationist, Rosamira Guillen, embarked on a mission 15 years ago to spread awareness and create conservation efforts for these uniquely beautiful primates, Cotton Top Tamarins, that are located only in one region of Northern Colombia. In this session, discover how uniquely similar the Cotton Top Tamarins behaviors are to humans, while learning how they are equally so different; for example, their poop is solely responsible for the rich biodiversity in the Northwestern section of Colombia.  This inspiring session introduces the intertwined role that the environment, the community, and the culture embrace, in one small corner of the globe. Leave inspired to learn more, and consider conservation in your own community. Check out this activity guide, created by a team of people, including our presenter. Learn about this unique primate species at Proyecto Titi.  Discover more about the Cotton Top Tamarins on Animalia. Learn to do the Cotton Top Tamarin Dance. Check out Cotton Top Tamarin Vocalizations

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