Exploring Mars & Earth with Planetary Scientist & Professor, Dr. Audi Matias

Our solar system is fascinating and NASA planetary missions (along with other countries' missions) have shown us so much about Mars. This visual session helps us understand the connection between Earth and Mars directly from the expert. We see what is happening with Perseverance and what we are hoping to understand. If you would like to understand craters more, and gets hands-on with science, check out this DIY crater-making activity. Another fun and engaging Ejecta Pattern science project can be found on URSA Explore. Check out some cool Ejecta Patterns here. Learn more about Regolith Deposits at Kiddle. Curious about the fascinating Mars Ingenuity? Check it out at Space.com. Nasa's Ingenuity Promotional video is really cool, check that out at NASA. Learn more about the voice behind the Mars Perseverance landing, Swati Mohan.

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