Global Projects

Join us in participating in Global Projects with students from around the world.

Watch this video to be inspired how to make learning come alive in your environment.


If you are interested in connecting your students to authors and writers around the world, contact me for assistance! Happy Global Learning!

Taipei, Taiwan

Join our global friends at Tsai Hsing School in Taipei, Taiwan as they collect student data with their project, Big Dayta, a fascinating look at school around the world, by the hour. Discover more-->

Skype Virtual Session to Learn about Alaska

Alaska is a unique place and lots of people never get a chance to even visit. Here is the perfect opportunity to see and learn about Alaska. Sign up in Microsoft Classroom to have Alaskan students to teach your students about Alaska. Sign up here-->

Tudor Elementary

Life Across the World

We are Global Citizens. Watch our amazing video on the link between peace and being a global citizen! Then share your thoughts with us-->

World Read Aloud

World Read Aloud Day 2018

Join the PocomokeScholars 2017-2018 and share the story you wrote with someone across the world. Share your story now-->