Hi Global People:

I am Michelle Carton, the K-6 librarian at Tudor Elementary School in Anchorage, Alaska. As a global educator, I get a chance to connect students to projects and students all over the world. We are starting this year by ramping up International Dot Day which is September 15th.

We are looking for teachers, classrooms, authors, artists, scientists, activists, etc. from all over the world to connect with us by doing the following:

  • Read or Watch (youtube) The Dot by Peter Reynolds.

  • Have students talk and share about how they will make their mark on the world.

  • Think about / talk about the symbolism of the story and include you will make a mark on the world.

  • Create a "dot" with whatever medium you choose for yourself and/or for students.

  • Take pictures, make a video, or any format that captures the moments and email them to carton_michelle@asdk12.org to share on our website.
  • If you are unable to connect with us live, we can still "connect." You can upload to google doc and share the link with me, upload to Vimeo and share the link, or give us a flip grid link. You can also email us videos and photos at carton_michelle@asdk12.org.
  • Connect with my students, for 25 minutes, using Skype or Hangouts, to cross-share our dots and talk about how we in the world are all connected, like a circle or "dot." The sign up is at SignUpGenius.

Here are some more resources/info to get you started:

When we Skype, we will talk about:

  • Why dot day matters (why global connecting and global citizenship matters).

  • A few unique things here in Alaska and you can share a few unique things about where you live.

  • Students will then have a chance to introduce themselves, share their "dots", and tell how they will make their mark on the world.

It's that easy! Connect with us and connect with the world!

Download this information here.