Follett Challenge 2018 Grand Prize Winner

A single student from an isolated school in the mountains is ready to progress to calculus, but none of the other kids are prepared. A group of high-achieving students at a small, rural school are eager to take aerospace engineering, but there are no qualified teachers in the region to teach it. Aspirational students at an under-resourced, inner-city high school are ready to take an advanced STEM elective, but their school is unable to fund it.

Making a Difference…One Step at a Time

Tudor Elementary is a school of 346 Grade K-6 students in Anchorage, Alaska, which can at times feel pretty far removed from the lower states and other countries. "I think our lack of exposure to the world has limited how successful our students can be," said Carton. "I developed this project as way to expose students to the wider world and to inspire them to really think about what peace means to them personally, what peace means in Alaska and what peace means to kids in other locations and cultures."

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2018 Follett Challenge Winner

Tudor Elementary has earned the coveted title for their Young Global Citizens program

Tudor Elementary, with an enrollment of 346 students, won the 2018 Follett Challenge Grand-Prize for its "Young Global Citizens" entry, which showcases what it means for their students to be global citizens, how it impacts their learning, their perspectives on the world and the impacts they can have on it.

Watch as Follett surprised them with the exciting news!

Follett Challenge Winners

The students, teachers, and librarian, Ms. Carton, at Tudor Elementary thank everyone for being a part of our mission to become Global Citizens.

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Alaska, as the largest state in our country, is on the rim of incredible opportunities, which will develop our young global leaders and create sustainability for generations to come.

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